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Thomas, 15 as of '07
Currently at Chung Cheng High School (Main)
ex-2 HM, now 3 Modesty
b'day is on 12/3/92
im a pisces and monkey
not much to say about me...
just that.. im not bad
great fan of Bleach!!!
like to play warcraft and wow.
Miss all of you guys at Tao Nan School 6g!

Thanks for visiting my blog!


Wishes of time..
1. Get good grades
2. Which in turn lets me go to 8Lit stream
3. Which in turn lets me play World of Warcraft
4. Watch Spiderman 2, Batman Begins again
5. Watch Master and Commander
6. Get StarWars episode 4-6 DVD to complete my StarWars 1-6 DVDs
7. Get a Widescreen LCD/Plasma television
8. Buy World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade when it comes out
9. Buy Bleach: Memories of Nobody DVD when it comes out in '07
10. Change my Starhub 6000mps cable internet to Singtel 10000mps and sign up for PINGPOWER to maximize gaming!

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Monday, August 13, 2007

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and yes, i jus started using mozilla firefox instead of IE7... long reasons.......
woot dead blog aww yeah dead blog!
haha sry but cya all...

{/10:46 PM}

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Finally im back from scouts camp!
4 days 3 nights..

1st day was the worse with Da Hong(ex-cchms scout) building camp development with us.
we couldnt built kitchen shack and he managed to teach us how to build it. the whole camp d was in a mess but in the end everything was allright..
we worked for many hours in the morning n afternoon and the sun was f***ing hot.
but in the end everything was okay..

2nd day layout was pretty bad as justin came n tekan us for our lousy campsite. mostly Knock It Down and rushing around to do small admenments to the campsite but i was seriously at a loss at what was wrong with our campsite..

but the 2nd day went alright after that and we ate chicken rice for lunch which was DAMN GOOD after cooking every one of our meals..

3rd day was the best as all the sec 3s needed to go CIP at marine parade CC and we could have a nice breakfast outside. when we came back it was mostly cooking backwoodsman test(cooking without any bowls utensils etc) and after that we rested around the LT1. another rover came to teach us(sec3s) backsplice, which was the most f ed up knot in the univerise.. so damn complicating..
it rained at night so heavily that we couldnt go back to our campsite to slp so we went to classrooms to slp that night..
and lester(another leader) showed us some bleach episodes while waiting for the rain to stop too

4th day was okay.. we cleared up the campsite n went to the LT1
we had a debrief session n lester made some changes to the ranks
lin wei became ASPL and we needed a new PL so 1 of the APLS needed to be promoted..
chor hung was so enthu n raised hes hand to become the new PL..
thus chor hung became the new PL sigh..
i should hve jus agreed when lester asked me.. haha but PL also damn stress so i dont noe if this is a good or bad thingy..
yong zhi became a no rank guy as chor hung took over hes PL rank lol..
damn sad jus becuz hes in germany n couldnt come he got kicked out
han jie became cchs new APL n i was moved to be sunny APL(heng sia i tot i b cch APL.. what a damn relief sunny is lyk 1000000 times better)
wen xian damn sad he had no rank so lester made him special project manager

after tt we went lan to play battlefield 2 for awhile and went home.
The End!


{/10:43 PM}

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

but my results arent good at all =(
kinda depressed n sad..

english: 63/110 quite good
chinese: 62/100 better than average
e maths: 51/100 bad
a maths: 41/80 bad
social studies: 18/43 bad
physics: 60/100 better than average
geography: 25/50 average

pls post ur marks at the tagboard!!
i wanna see how much everyone trashed me by lol


{/7:41 PM}

Monday, April 30, 2007

Wow, long time since i've blogged haha
Mid Year Exams are just around the corner and im still so lazy...
lol look at me now im blogging instead of revising even though im very far behind in my revision..
cant wait for exams to be over though..
so many things to do..
so little time..

1.need to dota
2.need to subscribe to wow
3.need to buy a new comp with vista home premium
3.need to read harry potter last book(i just preordered the collectors edition! its +$5 for the box)
4.need to watch spiderman 3
5.need to watch bleach the movie
6.need to go out with frens(primary and secondary) to keep in touch
7.need to watch harry potter and the order of the pheonix movie in IMAX
8.need to go germany
9.need to read the huge number of books at home i planned to read(kept dotaing instead of reading)
10.need to watch A Midsummer's Night Dream performance on 18th may


p.s. i got a feeling im hardly studying for MYE

{/10:45 PM}

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

My grandmother died today morning in her sleep..
at least it was a natural death, and she can finally join my grandfather again =)

today in scouts we did fire-lighting... it was quite nice and better than pioneering..
wth after i finished my fire hongliang and lin wei wan me to do it again... at 1st i was pissed but its much better than doing pioneering haha...

and i got my 2007 term 1 progress report today... it was a great improvement from my 2006 SA2 in which i didn't do well for all subjects.. im improving alot from last year and my grades are all much better.. my L1R5 was 15 points and although it isnt good, it was comparably better than alot of my friends and classmates haha..

still, i got a long way to improve if im going to get into good jcs such as vjc or tjc..
im gonna study for tml's chinese test now...


{/7:52 PM}

Thursday, March 22, 2007

i suddenly remembered what i forgot to say in the last post.. that i went to chingay parade too! there was cca points and we could watch the whole show FREE! lol lucky huh...

and i just realised something important..
everyone is so good now that the difference in results is not due to questions that we do not know, but by the difference in the number of careless mistakes.
i used to say "ai ya all because of careless mistakes only" but now i realised that a student who scores high is because of no careless mistakes and a student who scores low has alot of careless mistakes! haha..

i jus started reading a good book called Rich Dad, Poor Dad.. its a bestseller and has sold over a billion copies.. its teaches us about the subject of money.. haha im sure it will captivate you! try it lol..

but i jus had a thought that although the book teaches about money, the one earning the money is the author, so its like double cross? like mastermind lol haha just kidding..

anyway im gonna change my skin soon.. haha


{/9:22 PM}

Friday, March 16, 2007

hey!! lots of stuff to say.. but all forgot liao haha..
i remembered telling myself to post about all those things but i forgot every single one of them now haha..

jus thought 2 stop by for a blog entry on my bday..
i went to equanorix or smth like tt to eat lunch.. it was at raffles city the hotel there..
72th floor restaurant.. den can see the whole of singapore while eating.. haha
quite cool la.. the food is good too.. got nice stuff like sashimi and crabs.. it was a buffet.. but the best thing about it was the ambience.. very quite and relaxing.. haha
after eating contently we took a few pictures with the stunning background and went home..

since we decided not to buy a cake, we went to eat ice cream for supper at night...
the haigen daiz shop at siglap.. it was exp. but hey, i eat this like once every few years? haha so i dont feel guilty anymore..

my dad promised me a new comp by this year as my bday present..
or actually i kept irritating him and asking him... haha

thanks to all those tt wish me happy bday! u noe who u are =)
p.s. its rachelle rite?


{/12:50 AM}